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Legend Oaks Junior Golf Mission

The primary goal of the Legend Oaks Junior Golf Program is to develop lifelong golfers. A well-rounded program will be accomplished by offering instruction, activities, details on the history of golf, and observance of rules and etiquette. This program ensures that all participants are taught golf in a manner that promotes the enjoyment, while at the same time hitting home the essential link between golf and interpersonal skills. Helping junior golfers play golf to the best of their ability, and to contribute to the personal growth of each junior by positive social and character values are our top instruction priority.

Coach Neil Gowan has been honored as a U.S. Kids Top 50 Golf Coach! 

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Congratulations to our Junior Golf Team, 2019 Junior Interclub Champions   

2019 PGA Jr League Champions trophy medeals

Our  2019 PGA Jr. League Champions!


Legend Oaks Star Skill Rating

Legend Oaks uses a star skill level rating system to help you find the best program for your golfers game! The following programs will be rated from 1-10, 1 being the easest and 10 beign that hardest golf skill level. All Legend Oaks junior golfers are welcome to contact our progfessional staff to determine what program will best suit their game. 


US Kids Golf 


(Ages 13 and Under)
Level 1-2 (Beginner Golfer) 

Level 3-5 (Intermediate Golfer)

Legend Oaks is very proud to be apart of the leading organization for beginning junior golfers, their 5 step process is the perfect pathway to learn the key fundamentals of the game. Legend Oaks would recommend this to any golfer that wants to begin their golf journey. Within each level there are 5 checkpoints; Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, knowledge and Scoring. Once all five are attained, a Mastered pin is awarded and the golfer will advance to the next level. 

10 1

Please contact our professional staff for class schedule and further program information

PGA Junior League 


(Ages 13 and Under) 
Level 4-5 (Intermediate Golfer)


PGA JLG is a fantastic program to introduce young golfers on the golf course competing in a team environment. They will learn to take their skills on the golf course and compete against other PGA JLG teams in the Lowcountry Area. A PGA JLG team consist of at least 10 golfers that will break into teams of 2 golfers per group. They will play a captains choice format over 9 holes against two other golfers from another PGA JLG team. Teams that advance can compete at the State and National level! 

Legend Oaks Junior Performance Program 

(Ages 6 - 18)
Level 6-8 (Intermediate/Advanced Golfer)

Legend Oaks Performance Program will be for some golfers their first experience competing individually. Legend Oaks uses a progressive tee system to help golfers learn the game from a variety of distances on the golf course. Through analysis and data Legend Oaks will be able to design a personized game plan to hone your game. Weekly group classes will incorporate golf performance and golf fitness training. In this program we are not just making you a better golfer we are making you a better athlete! 

2020 Legend Oaks Junior Performance Flyer

Legend Oaks Junior Interclub

(Ages 6 - 18)
Level 9-10 (Intermediate/Advanded Golfer)

Legend Oaks Junior Interclub is for our golfers that want to test their skills against other Lowcountry Golfers. As you travel thoughout the Lowcountry you will compete against other golfers from different golf clubs and compare yourself to the local compeition!