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Player of the Year Status

Every year Legend Oaks has a year long program to determine the Player and Couple's Team of the Year in golf.

Congratulations Danny Jenkins 2017 POY!               Congratulations Terry & Staci Harrelson 2018 COY!

            danny jenkins poy                                                        Winners Terry and Staci Harrelson

            2018 Player of the Year Standing:

Player Total Points Ranking
Powell, Glenn 3400 1st
Sloan, Keith 2180 2nd
Saager, John 1950 3rd
Sloan, Andrew 1850 4th
Philips, Mike 1824 5th
Berringer, Jason 1805 6th
Baker, John 1800 7th
Anderson, Tom 1680 8th
Thompson, Clay 1160 9th
Richards, Bob 1500 10th

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2018 Couples' of the Year Standing: 

Teams Total Points Ranking
Harrelson/Harrelson 1100 1st
Powell/Powell 675 2nd
Bonvillian/Bonvillain 650 3rd
Sloan K./Sloan B. 384 4th
Fender/Fender 363 5th
Chase/Chase 350 6th
Paxton,J/Paxton, A 300 7th
Anderson/Anderson 275 8th
Kelley/Kelley 225 9th
Corum/Corum 172 10th

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