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Player of the Year Status

Every year Legend Oaks has a year long program to determine the Player and Couple's Team of the Year in golf.

                        Glenn Powell 2018 POY!                                                Terry & Staci Harrelson 2018 COY!

                               Powell POY                                                        Winners Terry and Staci Harrelson


    2019 Player of the Year Standing:

Player Total Points Ranking
Henry, Stuart 500 1st
Chase, Aaron 300 T-2nd
Greenberg, Nick 300 T-2nd
Heinlein, Mike 300 T-2nd
Sloan, Andrew 300 T-2nd
Smith, David 300 T-2nd
Frederickson, Gordon 300 T-2nd
Cooper, Johnny 90 T-8th
Cosgrove, Ron 90 T-8th
Powell, Glenn 90 T-8th

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2019 Couples' of the Year Standing: 

Teams Total Points Ranking
Harrelson/Harrelson 400 1st
Paylor/Paylor 300 2nd
Kelley/Kelley 200 3rd
Corum/Corum 100 4th
Fender/Fender 50 5th

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