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Legend Oaks Handicap Committee

2020 Handicap Committee Chairman: Ron Wilson 

Ron Wilson WEB 


Tom Meyer

Aaron Chase

Mike Phillips 

Mission Statement 

Our primary objective is to promote a spirit of cooperation between players and staff to assure competitive fair play in tournaments and leagues. 

The Handicap Committee provides technical support/services to the Head Golf Professional in accordance with USGA rules related to player handicaps, peer reviews, and course ratings; and assists the Head Golf Professional with communicating, and implementing rule changes.

Education is one of the main goals for the Handicap Committee, Legend Oaks welcomes all members to be apart of our Handicap Committee, please view our policies and procedures below.  

Please click below for PDF Documents  

Handicap Committee Club Policy 
  Tournament Eligibilty
Player Appeal Process 
Max Score Per Hole Guide
Monthly Review Process