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Club Fitting

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer1

Legend Oaks is proud to have the 2019 Mizuno Shaft Optimizer! Since its first introduction in 2010, Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer has become the favoured iron shaft fitting tool of golf professionals worldwide. Measuring five critical dynamics within the swing (Mizuno Swing DNA), the Optimizer is able to recommend an iron shaft best matched to any golfer’s movement.
Taking measurements as the golfer swung, the Shaft Optimizer would systematically measure these key swing and shaft characteristics. 


Clubhead speed in miles per hour, measured at the point of ball-club impact


How quickly the player transitions from backswing to downswing.


Sometimes called droop, Toe Down is a measure of how much the shaft drops (or the toe deflects towards the ground) during the swing


A measure of how far the lower portion of the shaft (and head) leads the handle leading into impact.


Determines how and when the clubhead and shaft release during the downswing motion.

Lie Angle 

The "lie angle" of any golf club is the angle formed between the center of the shaft and the sole, or ground line, of the club when the club is soled in its proper playing position (as at address). Lie angle is a factor that affects the accuracy of golf shots.
Based on those measurements, the Optimizer presents a prioritized list of shaft recommendations.
(Mizuno Optimizer Ipad Data)

optimizer example


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